FEBE is a Movement: For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

Culminating the two worlds of business together


The Experienced – They have hit the ground running. They built their businesses while taking the bumps and bruises along the way. Now they are helping you succeed.


The Academic – Hear from the scholars in business (and more). They have spent their lives receiving their higher education. The text book and the business world are no stranger to them.


What we do:

Small business is now a way of life. FEBE Colorado’s mission is to support, help and encourage individuals, business owners and  entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business and in life. Some of the best ideas, concepts, products and services across America are ready to be developed and shipped to the marketplace.


Why we do it:

New businesses are already boosting our economy. However, the responsibility of business ownership comes with an oversized price to pay. Owners are struggling to find the answers that will help market and brand their businesses and are stepping from behind the counter to face people eye-to-eye for those connections that have been proven to work.


How we do it:

It’s about business, but it’s not stuffy. Seminars; training functions; speakers guilds; strategic partnerships; community advocates; collaborating; leadership recognition; workshops; fundraising; speakers panels; radio announcements; forums; and so much more!